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Young people often talk about him and his career and get his photos. He has seven cars. David and Victoria have four children. David is a good father and a good husband. If he plays football abroad, he always makes telephone calls to his family. He loves his wife and his children very much. My aunt was born on the twenty-third of April Match the sentences with the pictures. Enjoy your first ride. Say where they are now.

Barry and Jane Nelson are on the first floor. They are in Room Nine. Read the texts and match them with the names. She was a very good student and had a strong interest in medicine. Now she works in a small hospital. She knows and loves what she is doing. His first pupils loved him and enjoyed his classes. He liked to spend time with them too.

Now he is older. People say he is making a very good career. When she was younger, she tried to write stories. Now she is working for a newspaper and writes about interesting people. People said he could do it very well. His dream was to become a film star. Last year he starred in his first film. A lot of people watched and enjoyed it. Now he is making a very good career. These are the things he usually does. Say what he did yesterday.

Sam spends some time in the park. He spent some time in the park yesterday. Имя существительное family может употребляться с глаголами в единственном и множественном числе. Если речь идет о семье в целом, глагол используется в единственном числе: Му family is big.

Му family has a lot of friends. Если же речь идёт о членах семьи, то глагол употребляется во множественном числе: Му family члены семьи are interested in photography. Say who in your family: Ask and answer questions about your families what they are interested in; what they can do well; what you like to do together.

I live in Moscow, the capital of Rus- sia. I have a mother, a father and a sister. My grandmother, grandfather and great-grandmother live near Moscow in Sergiev Posad. My mother and father are teachers. They teach in a school in Moscow. Lena, my sister, and I are pupils in School Lena dreams of being a vet. She loves animals and wants to help them. I would like to become an engineer and make modern cars. I like cars and know a lot about them. Father says, he will teach me to drive soon.

All my family like to travel. I have a pen friend in Great Britain. His name is John Barker. I write letters, cards and e-mails to him and he writes to me. It helps me to learn English. You My name is I live Jill was at university when she was twenty-two. I live 26 Apple Street. Use the where necessary. Get ready to write Dictation 2. Dictation 2 To be interested In, to stay at a hotel, the first lesson, to leave Moscow for London, a medical career. Moris has red socks. Pavel is the youngest of all runners.

A1 is a black runner in green and yellow. Rob is the tallest runner. Place of birth 3. Date of birth 4. Interests when a child 6. One day the country mouse asked his friend to come and see him at his home near the wood. The town mouse liked the idea. Soon he visited his friend. He drove to the country in his car.

There was only one room in it, but it was cosy and nice. The country mouse grew flowers near his house. The mice sat down to the table. There were seeds [si: They spent some time at the table, ate some seeds and drank some water.

Come and see my house and all the things I can eat. It was evening when they came to a big beautiful house. There was cheese, butter and eggs. There was a lot of milk and cream too. The country mouse liked the food very much. Soon they began their supper. But before they started to eat they heard some voices [Vdisiz], the door opened and a man came in.

The two mice ran into a narrow dark hole [haul] under the floor. Soon the door closed and the mice wanted to have their supper, but again they heard some voices, and the door opened again. This was too much for the visitor. Listen to the poem. Like a bird through Free, free. What is true about you? I feel like a king when I go home from school.

Аллингхэм известен не только собственными стихами, но и тем, что он стал составителем и редактором популярной в его время книги стихов для детей. D К б Listen to the song and sing it along. The Bear Went over the Mountain 1. To see what he could see.

The bear went over the mountain. The bear went over the mountain To see what he could see. The other side of the mountain. The other side of the mountain Was all that he could see. Was all that he could see. Complete a new page of your English Album. Write about your grandparent or great-grandparent.

Illustrate your story with pictures. When I was two. What did you do When you were three? When I was three, I What did you do When you were four? When I was six. What did you do When you were seven? When I was seven, I What did you do When you were eight? When I was eight. But when I was one. Say what the girl could do when she was 2, 3 and 7. When could you do these things? When did you learn to do them? She was a pop singer then and she was a star. All music lovers listened to her songs.

In those years Sandra lived in Europe, in the capital of Italy. It was really great [greit] Было действительно здорово. She always had breakfast in bed and watched television. Then she drove her Ford to town. There she met her boyfriend and often went to the shops. She had a lot of time before the concert, so she could swim in the swimming pool, listen to music or go to her fitness clubh She spoke on the telephone a lot, often with her family.

At eight she was ready for the concert. She knew and sang a lot of beautiful songs. Her concert usually finished at about eleven. After it she had dinner with her friends and then drove home. At home she went to bed at two or three a. At that time she was young and happy and never tired. Now she is living in the USA in a very big house. Sandra often thinks about the young years of her life.

Read out the verbs in the past forms from the text. Jake had a very bad day yesterday. All things went wrong. Describe his day Jake wanted to get up early but he got up late. He wanted to drive his car to some nice place but He wanted to spend the afternoon with his friends but He wanted to speak to his grandmother on the phone but T-" r 4 Запомни формы прошедшего времени следующих 97 глаголов. I thought about the moon. I thought about the moon and the stars.

My best friend brought me a present. My best friend brought me a lovely present. My dad taught me to swim. My dad taught me to swim well. That day she put on her best dress. That day she put on her best dress for the party 5 We slept in tents. We slept in tents near the lake. We slept in tents near the beautiful lake. Choose the right forms to complete the sentences. Мне так его жаль! I love going to the sea. He hates washing up.

We like playing the piano. They enjoy going to the shop. Это же относится к глаголам, обозначающим начало и конец действия: John began reading books at 5. We stopped playing football in the evening. They finished washing the plates late. I love going to school. I have a lot of friends. We like playing football and volleyball, ping-pong and tennis.

We like reading books, listening to pop music and playing computer games. We often go to f the park together. We love running and riding bikes there. We like feeding birds too. We hate coming back home early. Listen to the dialogues, Read them and make your own dialogues.

Use the words on the right. Dialogue 1 Hi, Mike. I see you love playing badminton? I like this game very much. When did you begin playing badminton? Oh, I was a small boy then. We often played badminton with my friends in the country. I love it very much. I have dancing classes five times a week. When did you begin dancing?

I think I began dancing when I was seven. Use the words from the box. A clock has a face. The first half of the fable was not interesting. Put the two halves together. A clock has two or three hands, hour: We stayed at the hotel for about an hour. You can play football for about two hours, not more. There are sixty minutes in an hour. How many minutes are there in two hours? There are sixty seconds in a minute. My father has two watches. Look at the pictures and read the sentences. The clock shows half past The clock shows half past two.

Say it in English. What do you think the text is going to be about? Listen, 62 , and read the text. Answer the questions after it. These are clocks and these are watches. A clock has a face and two hands: The short hand shows hours.

The long hand shows minutes. Sometimes clocks have three hands and they can show seconds. Clocks are usually big. They are on the wall, on the desk or on the shelf. Some clocks are very big: Watches are small but they have faces and hands too and they can show hours, minutes and sometimes seconds.

Clocks and watches show time. A day has 24 hours. An hour has 60 minutes, a minute has 60 seconds. Одна из популярных игр в англоязычных странах называется Simon says. В неё играют так: Затем водящий просит всех остальных выполнить какое-либо действие. Если он начинает фразу со слов Simon says, его задание выполняют. Например, Simon says, "Stand up". Если слова Simon says в этой фразе отсутствуют, задание выполнять не следует. Те, кто не был внимателен, выходят из игры.

Последний оставшийся в игре становится победителем и водит в следующий раз. Listen, 63 , and read the count-out rhyme Dip, dip, dip. Where did I see his? Use the verbs in the past forms. It is a quarter to ten. Ч5 В отличие от русского слова часы английские слова watch и clock имеют формы единственного а clock watch и множественного clocks, watches числа.

Они могут употребляться с глаголом и в единственном, множественном числе: Where is your watch? It is on the table. There are three watches here. Where is my watch? All the clocks slow. It is half past six, not a quarter to six now. They on the table in the living room. D 4 Listen, 65 , and read. Learning to play the piano was a difficult thing to do. Is it difficult to speak English? I always ask granny about her health. People must think about their health.

I try to stay as healthy as I can. We keep milk in the fridge. Some people keep to a diet of fruit and vegetables. Keep in good health.

Computers are very useful. It will be useful for you to watch this film. What sport are they good at? Doctors say that it is very good to do morning exercises. Do you always do your morning exercises? I like to stay in bed long. I hate getting up early. I sometimes do my morning exercises. I never do morning exercises. I get up and go to bed when I want. I sometimes eat food that is not good for me I always eat what I want.

I never think about keeping fit. В английском языке существуют разные способы попросить о чем-либо вежливо. Ты уже знаешь некоторые из них: Give me а реп, please. Please give me a pen. Can you give me a pen, please? Ho ещё более вежливо использовать в вопросе форму could Could you give me a pen?

Could you come on time, please? Close the door, please. Could you close the door, please? Please visit your great-grandparents. Use the new words good 2 , fit, keeps, healthy, difficult, easy, useful 1 Ronald is a good sportsman. He always regular hours. I can answer it now. He is a good swimmer. It was very to keep. Could you speak English? What do you do to be fit?

How much time do you spend on morning exercises? How often do you play these games? Do you eat many vegetables? What food do you like to eat? Do you often run or ride your bike? Do you swim a lot? Do you try to do it? Do you watch them on TV? Say what games John and Sally played yesterday.

Say what John and Sally are good at 1. William Jerry 1 to get up early 1 to get up late 2 to do morning exercises 2 to eat breakfast in bed 3 to eat porridge in the 3 to drink three cups of morning coffee in the morning 4 to drink orange juice 4 to drive to work 5 to keep regular hours 5 to spend much time on computer games 6 not to spend much time 6 to watch television a on computer games and lot television 7 to run in the park on 7 to stay at home at Sunday morning weekends 8 not to eat many cakes 8 not to walk in the park and much bread 9 to go to the swimming 9 not to go swimming pool three times a week 10 to do what is good for 10 eat a lot for supper health 11 not to go to bed late 11 not to go to bed before 2 or 3 in the morning Mrs Green is It is difficult for her to do often say to her granddaughter Emma?

Давай те пойдем туда. Да не пойдем туда в этих случаях и употребление Давайте не пойдем туда. Alice has а lot of ideas. Use the words from the box successful, wonderful, healthy, painful, joyful, beautiful 1 Fred is a very writer. People love his books. Wendy feels it is 4 The letter was There were so many pleasant things about Alex in it.

She is always happy. I have got a car. У меня есть машина. Nick has got a bike. У Джейн нет велосипеда. У них Nick has a bike. Ruth and Rosie 7 A. Listen, 73 , and read the rhyme. I finished doing English and watched TV. Read out the verbs in past simple. Use have got or has got 1 I an aunt and two uncles. Match the pictures with the words a helpful b painful 1. Listen, 74 , and say what they decided to take up. Say what you decided to take up.

Yes, I have Has Denis got a new bike? She has a lot. Tim had some free time yesterday. В вопросах и отрицаниях пользуются вспомогательным глаголом did Did Rose have breakfast early?

King James is rich too. How many cities have you got? How many ships have you got? Answer the questions about people in the Middle Ages. They had big castles. What 1 Where is the start and where is the finish? Ann is away from the lesson again. I will help you. Listen, 76 , and read. The three children all go to different schools.

This car is different from the car I drove yesterday. The teacher asked us to do three exercises. Please run, swim or cycle, but get some exercise. You are just like your brother. The film was OK, I think you like this kind of films. They go to the swimming pool once a week. He once lived in Rome. Once upon a time there lived was a king.

Their cat lives outdoors. Do you play table tennis outdoors? He left without saying goodbye. Alice always takes part in our games. Ask them to do these exercises. Write 5 sentences about what you can do outdoors. Listen, who is who in the pictures. And are you happy? Doctors say many people are not fit and happy now. Совместные покупки женской и детской одежды, обуви, товаров для дома.

Что такое совместные покупки sp. Строительные смеси и материалы. Отделка для стен и потолков. Все для Нового года. Рабочая тетрадь с тестовыми заданиями ОГЭ.

Лексико-грамматический практикум Афанасьева О. Учебник в 2-х частях. Соберите свою личную, уникальную библиотеку на телефоне и носите ее в школьный класс каждый день. Учиться с нами просто и легко.

Решебники для 5-го класса Учебники для 5-го класса. Учебник Английский язык 5 класс О. Баранова год Часть 2 Авторы: From Place to Place стр. Учебник по курсу английского языка в 5 классе Изучая в пятом классе курс английского языка школьник сможет увидеть как важно знать все детали этого предмета. Подбери учебник именно сейчас Электронную версию учебника школьник сможет закачать на нашем портале и сохранить его на своем мобильном телефоне для того, чтобы каждый день просто и легко брать его с собой в школу.

Получаем отлично за каждое упражнение Проверьте все упражнения, которые содержит учебник Английский язык 5 класс О.

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